Online Directory

The District 2-E2 Directory is compiled once per year, published and distributed to clubs at the 1st Cabinet Meeting in July.   Each club receives four directories and a flash drive for the Club Officers and.

The information in the district directory is pulled directly from the MyLCI database.   It is extremely important for all club Presidents or Secretaries to update member’s records and to load new club officers into MyLCI by May 15th of each year.  The District Officers do not have permission or access to modify club personnel records.  It is up to the President or Secretary to make the appropriate changes, especially at the end of the LIONS years.  That way information in the district directory will be correct. 

Periodically the directory will be updated using corrections sent in.  The Directory & Website Correction form below will allow you to submit changes to the directory.   Changes to the directory will be posted as an updated version with published dates below.

Please email all directory changes to




2022 Directory 03-04

2022/2023 DISTRICT 2E2 ONLINE DIRECTORY (CLICK here to Print or Save)