District 2-E2 Leadership College

District 2E2 Leadership College

District 2-E2 Leadership College provides Lions with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through online learning courses.  These courses will help in the development of leadership roles, not only in Lionism, but also in all areas of business and professional growth.  Leadership is critical to the overall success of any organization, including Lions Clubs International.  An effective leadership team provides the vision, guidance and motivation necessary for our association to continue to fulfill its mission to providing quality, relevant service to communities around the world.

Three Degree Plans are offered through the District 2-E2 Leadership College:

Bachelor Degree  in Leadership (BL) {click to print}

Master Degree in Leadership (ML) {click to print}

PHD Degree in Leadership (DL) {click to print}

These course can be completed at your leisure and in the comfort of you own home.  These courses take typically 30 to 60 minutes to complete

Click on to the Lions Learning Center using this link.