Lions Organ & Eye Bank

Lions Organ & Eye Bank

District 2-E2 is proud to support the Lions Organ & Eye Bank.

The purpose of the Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E2, Inc. is to promote the conservation, restoration, and transplantation of human organs and eyes, and the prevention, treatment, and research of blindness and diabetes.

Lions Organ & Eye Bank Officers (2022-2023)

Position Officer/Term Member Club
President Bob Appel
McKinney Morning Pride Lions Club
1st Vice-President Mark Talbert
Colleyville Lions Club
2nd Vice-President Richard Walters
Greater Arlington Lions Club
Secretary William “Bill” Cowan
Flower Mound New Century Lions Club
Treasurer Mark Talbert
Colleyville Lions Club
Director Bill Ayers
Burleson Lions Club
Director Doug Chapman
McKinney Morning Pride Lions Club
Director Marsha Mathews Benbrook Lions Club
Director John Perkins
NE Tarrant Lions Club
Director Wanda Desmond
Godley Lions Club
Immediate Past President William “Bill” Cowen Flower Mound New Century Lions Club

Lions Organ & Eye Bank Directors at Large (2021-2022)

Director Member Club
Elizabeth Dierdorf- Vision Assistance
Denton Lions Club
Andy Klein
Keller Lions Club
Bill Ayers
Burleson Lions Club
Bob Appel
McKinney Morning Pride Lions Club
David Schneider
Fort Worth SE Lions Club
Doug Chapman
McKinney Lions Club

Lions Organ & Eye Bank Diabetic Essay Contest

The Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest highlights the crucial link between diabetes and blindness. Each year, scholarships are awarded to outstanding essays:

  • 1st Place: $2,000
  • 2nd Place: $1,500
  • 3rd Place: $1,000

Additionally, the 1st Place winner advances to the State Contest, with an opportunity to win an additional $3,000 or $1,000.

Diabetic Essay Contest Chairperson

Chairperson Club
Elizabeth Dierdorf Denton Lions Club

Vision Assistance Chair:


Vision Training Chair:


Vision Equipment:

Club Vision Assistance Sponsorship Guidance

The sponsoring club’s primary responsibility is to support applicants by providing the application, assisting in its completion, locating supporting documents, maintaining confidentiality of personal information, and serving as a liaison between the applicant and the Board. Each sponsorship is unique, but here is some helpful information:

  1. Verify Residency: Ensure that the applicant lives in District 2-E2.  If not, contact the Lions Eye & Organ Bank to find out if an entity in the applicant’s district can assist them.
  2. Provide Application Forms: The application and release forms should be provided to the applicant.  They can be downloaded and printed from the Lions Eye & Organ Bank website.
  3. Explain the Grant Process: Inform the applicant that if the Lions Eye & Organ Bank approves a grant, the Board will write a check payable directly to the healthcare provider performing the procedure.  The check will be delivered or mailed directly to that provider.
  4. Assist with Form Completion: Help the applicant fill out the forms.  Meeting in person is preferable, as it allows for better understanding and personal interaction.  Remember, applicants with vision problems may need assistance reading the application.
  5. Maintain Confidentiality: Respect the applicant’s privacy and avoid publicly discussing medical information.  If you are in a public setting, find a private room (such as a library conference room) to discuss the personal information in the application.
  6. Obtain Supporting Documentation: Assist the applicant in obtaining and printing necessary documents such as pay stubs.
  7. Secure Cost Estimates: Ensure the applicant gets a written estimate of their out-of-pocket costs from all medical providers involved in the procedure.  Do not submit an estimate from the referring provider. Contact the Lions Eye & Organ Bank Vision Assistance chair if providers are uncooperative.
  8. Include All Costs: The cost estimate should include all related expenses, such as eye drops, anesthesiologists, therapy, and other required items.
  9. Confidential Handling of Documents: Keep the application and documents in a confidential, secure folder.  Do not scan or email personal information (e.g., Social Security number, medical statements).  Do not make copies, and ensure family and friends do not review the application.  When the application is complete, contact the Vision Assistance chair to arrange the mailing or hand-delivery of the original documents for Board review.
  10. Liaison Role: Serve as a liaison between the Board and the applicant during the review process and help answer any questions from the Board.  Find a private place for phone conversations regarding the applicant’s information.
  11. Follow-Up: Explain the Board’s decision to the applicant.
  12. Post-Approval Support: The club must provide transportation to surgery or appropriate assistance during recovery if the applicant receives assistance.

By sponsoring a vision assistance applicant, your club plays a crucial role in transforming lives. Your dedication to guiding applicants through the process, maintaining their privacy, and ensuring they receive the necessary support underscores the Lions’ commitment to service. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need, helping them regain their vision and improve their quality of life.  Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to this vital cause.

Lions Organ & Eye Bank Vision Assitance Page

The purpose of the Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E2 is to promote the conservation, restoration, and transplantation of human organs and eyes; and the prevention, treatment, and research of blindness and diabetes.

The Lions Club District 2-E2 Lions provide critical community support by offering vision exams, medical procedures and medical education awareness.

How to Schedule a Vision Screening with the Lions Organ & Eye Bank

We, the Texas District 2-E2 Lions Organ & Eye Bank (LOEB) Board of Directors (BOD), are encouraged by all the clubs to participate in vision screening events throughout the district. With the increase in screenings we have also had an increase in demand for vision screening equipment and assistance.

  • Requests need to be made by email. Please email Emily Rohne at with requests. You need to include the date, time, location, club, the contact person for the club, what equipment you are requesting, and if you are requesting the board’s assistance.
  • Requests must come from a Lions Club in the district, not an outside organization. This club will sponsor the event and supply the certified screeners and volunteers needed.
  • The district’s equipment is housed in a storage facility in Watauga. We will make every effort to make the equipment available to the clubs, but ultimately, it is the club’s responsibility to pick up and return it in good working order.
  • If you request a phoropter, the sponsoring club must be available to help unload and load the equipment. Your club’s responsibility does not end until all equipment is loaded after the event. You may also be asked to attend a class or view an instructional video on assembling the equipment.
  • Small events need to be scheduled at least 30 days in advance, larger events at least 60 days in advance, and events with a city or school district at least months in advance.
  • After your event you need to email the results from your event to You should include the number of Lions, total volunteer hours, total number of people screened, how many were under 5 years old, and how many were referred. This needs to be done in addition to reporting to LCI.

Because we are an eleven-member Board of Directors and are active with our clubs, we ask everyone to understand that we might be unable to assist at your event. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the screenings alone, find a club nearby that does screenings and volunteer to help them at their event. You can also ask one of those clubs to assist you at your event. Some clubs do monthly events, very large events, or ongoing events where your club could also gain experience.

The Board of Directors of the Lions Organ & Eye Bank reserves the right to refuse or limit the equipment that is loaned out.

Your club will sponsor the event and will need to supply the certified screeners and volunteers. If your screeners have never done an event or have not done one in over a year, you may request assistance from the Board.

You can rely on Emily Rohne, a dedicated Board member, for all scheduling matters. She is responsible for ensuring that events are scheduled smoothly and efficiently. You can reach her at

Help Lions Organ & Eye Bank Raise Money While You Shop

The Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E-2 is now registered with the Amazon Smile Foundation. What this means is that you can designate the Lions Organ & Eye Bank to receive a rebate from Amazon as a charitable donation for all your purchases. You, as a customer on Amazon, will not be charged. You simply designate the LOEB to receive the donation. It’s important to designate the LOEB by using this name:

Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E-2

NOTE: The hyphens between the “2-E-2” are important. Without them, Amazon will not recognize our organization.

AmazonSmile Foundation will contribute 0.5% of all of your purchases directly to the Lions Organ and Eye Bank for use for community support, vision clinics, scholarships and education.

Please pass this along to all Lions and friends to get the word out and register.

Go to the Amazon Smile Program Webpage to Register

Go to the Amazon Smile Program website at Once you are there, register to have the Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E-2 as the charity. If you have a Amazon PRIME account, it will automatically give you your PRIME benefits.

Thank you for helping the Organ & Eye Bank to service the needs within our community.