Texas Hall of Fame Members

Texas Lions Hall of Fame (HoF)

Elevation of Lions into the Texas Lions Hall of Fame bestows an honor upon one who has been outstanding in using their time, talents, and resources to further the cause of humanitarian services.

Texas Hall of Fame Rules

HOF Member Year Elected
PIP Julien C. Hyer 1972
PDG William R. McDonald 1972
PDG Charles Williams 1973
PDG Verne L. Carrington 1979
PDG Albert W. Brown 1983
PDG Bill Hudson 1986
PDG Harry Rankin 1989
PDG J. T. Hinkle 1992
R. Roy Keaton 1984
PDG Ed Stebbins 1995
PCC Jack Harris 1998
PDG Odis Pharr 2001
PDG Jack Adkinson 2004
PDG Billy Graham 2007
PDG Al Jara 2010
PID Beverly Stebbins 2011
PCC Rick Stoorza 2013
PDG Jan Carrington 2016
PDG Jim Coleman 2019
PDG David Gramm 2022