Youth Contests

Lions District 2-E2

2017-18 Youth Contest Opportunities


Drug Awareness Poster Contest (Jan 20, 2018)

Theme: “The Dangers and or Consequences in the Use of Drugs or Tobacco

  • Divisions (4): Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12
  • Prizes (3 places in each Division; Gift Cards): $100, $50, $25
  • Requirements: hand drawn (no cut and paste) on poster board, 14 x 22 inches only
  • Judging Criteria: quality, clarity, originality, spelling.

Clubs must contact 2017-18 Chairperson Dru Luke – 2120 David Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76111-5025

Drug Awareness Poster Contest Rules {CLICK TO PRINT}

Drug Awareness Poster Contest Application {CLICK TO PRINT}

Drug Awareness Speech Contest (Jan 20, 2018)

Theme: “Risk Factors and Why Teens Use Drugs and Alcohol”

  • Grades: Junior or Senior
  • Prizes (3 places; scholarships); $1500*, $1000, $500
  • Requirements: 5-7 minute speech (text recited from memory)
  • Club fee per entry of $25.

Drug Awareness Speech Contest Application & Rules  {CLICK TO PRINT}   

 Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest (Jan 2o, 2018)

Theme: ”Accepting a Diabetes Diagnosis: What can Parents, Partners and Caregivers do to help loves adjust to a “new normal?“

  • Grades: Junior or Senior
  • Prizes (3 places; scholarships): $2000*, $1500, $1000
  • Requirements: up to 1500 words
  • Judging Criteria: content (60%), recitation (25%), English (15%)

Diabetic Awareness Essay Contest (CLICK TO GO TO LIONS ORGAN & EYE BANK WEBSITE}

Outstanding Youth Contest (Jan 2o, 2018)

  • Grades: Junior or Senior
  • Prizes (2 places; scholarships): $1000*, $500
  • Requirements: biography, interview, transcript, 3 letters of recommendation, 750-1000 word essay “The Change Maker
  • Judging Criteria: community service/leadership (35%), interview (30%), grade point (5%), letters of recommendation (15%), essay (15%)

Please note deadline for submittal of applications for Lions District 2-E2 Outstanding Youth Contest is extended to January 3, 2018. (from Dec. 1, 2017)

Outstanding Youth Contest Application (CLICK TO PRINT}

Outstanding Youth Contest Rules {CLICK TO PRINT}

Youth Contest Press Release for Clubs  {click to open link and print}



2017-18 State Youth Contest forms are on the MD2 Texas Website .  Look under the Program tab and scroll down to Opportunity for Youth.